Pakistani Americans Share the most hilarious Questions they are Asked when they Visit Pakistan

Funny as it seems it gets very annoying when people poke you with stupid questions every now and then. When people living in America or anywhere abroad visit Pakistan, they get to hear some really weird things, trust us! We did a survey and asked people what sort of questions or things do they address to when they come back to their homeland.

Here are the questions… 

1.”So aap Coke kaise peete hain, wahan coke mein alcohol hota hai na?”


2.”Aap ke haan supermarkets mein doodh Halal hota hai?”


3. “Aap 500 rupees/kg pe tamatar lete hain, aap ko Pakistan yaad nhi aata?”


4.”Is it true wahan bache parents ko kick out kar dete hain?”

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5. “Yaar joh bhi keh lo, Pakistan wali ayashi wahan nhi hai…wapis aane ka dil nhi karta..? Umm. Je bilkul b nae!”


6.”Aap kay mulk mein tu log sarkon par nangay ghoomtay hain”.
My reply: “Bhai hamayen bhi uss sarak ka address dey do.”


7.”Yaar immigration kaise hoti hai, humein bhi batao”…haan bhae immigration dept wale mere rishtedaar lagte hain…”

8.”Aap ko full kapre mil jate hain araam se?”…nahin bhae hum banyaan mein office jate hain…


9. “Ap yehi biryani khaeingy ya apke liye kam mirchon wali banaein?”


It seems to be a common trend for those of us who have studied or lived abroad; we return changed people with a host of fascinating, bizarre stories. “How was [insert country name here]?” is a common question that begs for a brief answer.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to poke fun at others’ ignorance but is simply a light-hearted take on something we’ve no doubt all experienced at some point of our lives. While it’s tempting to respond with sarcasm (or fiction), giving an honest answer will ruin all the fun.

Have you faced any of these questions before? What’s the ridiculous question you’ve been asked about Amreeeka? Let us know below!

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