10 Crazy Facts About Bill Gates’ $150 Million Mansion

1. The name of the sprawling home is ‘Xanadu 2.0’, after the fictional home from ‘Citizen Kane’



Source: propertyguru


2. It is an ‘Earth sheltered’ house and uses its natural surroundings to minimize heat loss



Source: techinsider


3. There’s a luxurious 60-foot pool on the property with its own submerged music system



Source: homedesign7


4. The enormous library has a Leonardo Da Vinci script that cost Bill $30 million



Source: techinsider


5. The sumptuous 2300-square-foot reception hall is capable of holding 200 guests

16402397Source: homedesign7



6. There’s a peaceful little home theater that can seat 20 people and also has a popcorn machine



Source: homedesign7


7. There are 6 kitchens spread around different parts of the house



Source: homedesign7


8. There are 24 bathrooms in the house, and all the floors are heated



Source: homedesign7


9. The sand on the lakefront shore of Gates’ beach is imported from the Caribbean



Source: techinsider


10. There’s also an artificial stream running through parts of the house complete with various kinds of fish



Source: businessinsider

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