IT’S HAPPENING! The Impact of CPEC We All Have Been Waiting for in Pakistan…

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a much sought-after project among Pakistani people. It’s looked upon as a gateway to an economic development in Pakistan as well as tourism. CPEC is an outright personification of a firm friendship between neighboring countries of China and Pakistan. People back this project and anxiously await the offspring in terms of development it would bring.

Besides the economic impact CPEC is set to have, it would also have its cultural influence. Yes, you will get to see a lot of Chinese people in Pakistan soon enough and that means, cross marriages among people of two different ethnicities. Before you could see any progress in the project, the marriage part is already happening in Pakistan!

One Chinese man got married to a Pakistani woman and the couples look amazing together – a result of CPEC?


We knew it would happen. We did not know it would happen so soon. Yeh sab CPEC ka kiya hua hai.


The news was shared by the following Twitter handle and we are so glad to have found it!


Long before we know, this one example might multiply to two, three, four, five, six and so on. You just wait. Thanks to CPEC, we shall see a lot of such examples now. It might be a bad news for Pakistani guys. They need to up there game now. We are happy to see this couple getting married. May the Lord bless them will all kindness and prosperity in their lives.

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