Pakistanis Are Now Taking Their Cows For A Pre-Eid ‘Wash’ For Only Rs. 100 And This Is A Brilliant Idea!

Of course, we want everything to be perfect on Eid. From buying our clothes and locking them away until chaand raat so that there are incredibly low chances of them getting ruined to getting our cars and bikes serviced so that they look just as fresh as us!

However, since Eid-ul-Azha is a time when we purchase animals to keep and care for until Qurbani, Pakistanis thought to give them the same treatment given to the things we love.

Check this out!

Car Service Toh Bhaut Kara Li, Ab Chalen Cow Service Hojaye

Car Service Toh Bhaut Kara Li, Ab Chalen Cow Service Hojaye…,Kon Phir Apni Gaye Ki Service Karane Waala Hai..???

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Cow service for just Rs.100!

Think you read that wrong? Nope! The monsoon season going on has resulted in muddy streets all over and animals getting all muddy in them. Since our awaam can find a jugaar for almost everything, they seemed to have one for this too! Many petrol stations that provide car washing services now offer washing services for your Qurbani animals as well! Absolutely brilliant!

However, the animals are washed with pressure spray guns that are usually used to wash cars and some people think they’re unethical and might hurt the animals!

She’s got a point. The cow does look uncomfortable!

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Something everyone should consider!

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Nonetheless, these animals are only here for a while and it’s our responsibility to treat them with care and ensure that they aren’t in any sort of pain.

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