Indians Are Claiming That Cow Dung Can Prevent Nuclear Radiations And Ew, Someone Stop Them!

Indians Are Claiming That Cow Dung Can Prevent Nuclear Radiations And Ew, Someone Stop Them!

Indians never fail to amuse. For their Hindu majority, a cow is of great significance. The animal is worshiped and bowed to, although, still kept on a leash. The Hindu worshippers even find its urine and dung to be pure and holy. They would bathe in its urine and even drink it, considering it to be the ultimate potion to cure all diseases.

They went as far as to claim that cow urine can cure cancer although not backing it with any scientific evidence. Not just that, they started churning out drugs made of cow urine and dung that would miraculously increase intellect and smarts in their children. Talk about cashing in on the belief.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see millions of Hindus consuming its urine and believing it to have supernatural powers.

Cow Urine Benefits

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But what takes the cake is their recent claim which would be the mother of all claims, solidifying the belief across India that a cow has invincible powers (hidden in its waste material).

Indian man says that cow dung is a perfect shield against nuclear radiations; claims NASA has proved it.

Cow Dung Covered Car in India

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Apparently, if a nuclear war breaks out, Indians are safe after doing the bare minimum; which is smearing cow dung all across their houses and viola, they are safe from the nuclear radiations.

PTI’s Zartaj Gul and Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted over this breakthrough discovery India made.

#CowDungAntiRadiationGuard sums it up nicely.

When this officer was asked to elaborate, he said, “Dig a ditch, put wooden planks and leaves on top of it, then place a 1.5-feet layer of cow dung on it. This will save India from nuclear radiation.” Mindblowing! The solution to something as dangerous as this was right there all this time and easily available too.

The NASA part was definitely a long stretch and his rant on cow urine and dung to be pure just like the cow itself, was admiring, to say the least. One’s mind fails to comprehend all this but Indians are in a league of their own.

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