COVID-Toe: A Hidden Symptom Of Coronavirus Not Many Know About

covid toe

With the global coronavirus pandemic seeing no vaccine as of yet, people are being affected all and sundry. Forget the economic staple of this event, the health hazard still remains the top priority to tackle with.

After cough, flu, fever, shortness of breath, body ache, and headache, there is a new symptom that might detect coronavirus right away. Dermatologists believe if a lesion is spotted in the body, it should be a sign to get tested for COVID-19.

After all the other symptoms the newest one to be noted is chilblains. It is an itch developed after red inflammation shows up in the body, especially the toes of the foot. This new symptom of coronavirus is being called ‘COVID-Toe’.

covid toe symptom

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Before the pandemic hit, a dermatologist from the USA, Dr. Fox used to see 4-5 patients a year with Chilblains. However, since the US has been hit with coronavirus, only in the last week, Dr. Fox has seen dozens of such cases.

Dermatologists from around the world advocate for ‘COVID-Toe’

“All of a sudden, we are inundated with toes. I’ve got clinics filled with people coming in with new toe lesions. And it’s not people who had chilblains before — they’ve never had anything like this,” said Dr. Fox.

Fox went on to add that this wasn’t even the time of the year where people get chilblains. Usually, the swollen toes show up in extremely harsh conditions of winter. However, she believes this is the latest symptom/sign to detect coronavirus patients.

Not only Dr. Fox but Dr. Freeman from Boston, who is a renowned dermatologist, had to say the same. She said her clinic is ‘full of toes’. Dr. Freeman had to add extra sessions to her work only to handle patients with a swollen ‘COVID-Toe’.

coronavirus toe symptom

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Health officials around the world do not include chilblains in toes in the list of coronavirus symptoms, but dermatologists are asking for a change, stating that the  ‘COVID-Toe’ should be sufficient grounds for testing.

Similar reports emerged from Spain, Italy, and Belgium, as well. These reports stated that patients diagnosed with coronavirus often have swollen toes, with chilblains.

“The most important message to the public is not to panic — most of the patients we are seeing with these lesions are doing extremely well,” added Dr. Freeman.

It is also pertinent to add here that these chilblains might be a sign to spot an asymptomatic coronavirus patient. If a patient has no other symptoms of the illness and just has a ‘COVID-Toe’ they should get tested right away.

Also, it is very important for people to keep a check on their mental health during this pandemic.

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