Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gul Just Proved That She Is A ‘Beauty Without Brains’

Pakistanis Zartaj Gul Covid 19

COVID-19 has every one going crazy either with fear of being infected with the virus or its repercussions. However, seeing how the government and respective authorities have been working night and day to keep the people of Pakistan protected and safe is indeed appreciating.

Moreover, it is more than often, that one of them does something which is both funny and quite entertaining for the public. The government of Pakistan comprises of both qualified and hardworking ministers in its cabinet. Although, it is so that some of these ministers tend to make quite entertaining blunders which are hilariously cherished by the public.

Pakistanis Zartaj Gul Covid 19

Image: Daily Times

COVID-19 and its 19 points

A similar situation occurred with the beautiful and talented minister of climatic change, Zartaj Gul, when asked regarding COVID-19. The 35 year old minister provided us with quite an interesting insight. And all we can think about are her responses, and if she was seriously answering them, or was it actually a prank!

Not only that, she confidently mentioned, that COVID-19 is actually called COVID-19 because it has 19 ways of entering into a body – well actually she said 19 ways of entering into a country, but we gather this is what she was intending to say. Before you all freak out and call her out on it; there is more.


Zartaj Gul is making such insightful and colorful comments since she won the seat. And while we don’t wanna judge or inquire her position, Pakistanis do worry, if the ministry is rightly given to her or not. While many even label her with harsh comments as beauty without brains.

Twitterati goes wild

As the talk show’s clips went viral, Minister Zartaj Gul is caught in hot waters all over again. The comments and posts are spiraling, while some call her a simpleton with beauty, some are using this opportunity to create various memes. And lets not forget, if there is one thing that Pakistani’s are good at, it is creating memes out of nothing.

The story gets funnier when you realize this isn’t the first time, the minister is making illogical comments. No, in fact there is an entire history where she has been coming up with quite insightful theories. Now we aren’t saying she is always wrong. Although, it isn’t so that all that she said was incorrect. Some of her points were actually understandable if we look at them with a cool-minded. Who knows maybe, the actual reason behind COVID-19, could be so.

Perhaps, its time we also work on a bit of research about what COVID-19 actually is and how it got this prestigious name. Till that happens, one thing is for sure, ministers like Zartaj Gul are not only beautiful, rather they just know how to cheer the public up. Or do they ?

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