COVID-19 Takes Lives Of Two More Young Doctors. When Will It End?

COVID-19 Lives Young Doctors

Caught in this vicious disease, the whole world is currently battling against coronavirus which nobody knows when it will end. Since the outbreak of the deadly virus, the security officials and health workers are risking every second of their lives to serve humanity.

Before the imposition of smart lockdown for eid, the coronavirus tally was under 20,000 from the last few months. However, after the controversial decision was implemented, now, the tally has surpassed 60,000 only in a few days. This alarming situation is a wake-up call for those who neither care about their own selves nor about the ones protecting them from the front.

Coronavirus swallowing the young doctors

As the fatal coronavirus has a contagious nature, doctors and health officials are finding it hard to treat the patient. Because of the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)’s and other facilities, doctors and their families are at high risk. Unfortunately, the consistent negligence from the concerned authorities recently resulted in the loss of two more young lives.

Currently circulating on social media, the heart-rending incident making people blame the government for not facilitating the hospitals. According to the viral post, two young doctors, Dr. Fatima Sana and Dr. Salman Tahir died due to coronavirus. Details reveal that both the doctors had contracted the deadly virus on-duty while treating the arriving patients.

Prayers and condolences go out for the families of the heroes who kept humanity alive even in this grave situation. Speaking of the doctors, Dr. Salman Tahir was a fourth-year student at the Rashid Latif Medical College in Lahore. He was studying MBBS and was critically ill after testing positive for coronavirus and eventually, lost his life today.

Doctors fighting the virus from the front

Undoubtedly, the outspread of coronavirus has stirred fear and stress among the masses because of its indefinite stay. Another heart-wrenching case was earlier reported in which another young doctor fell victim to his fears. Amid the chaos, a young doctor from Sindh committed suicide fearing that he will contract coronavirus. It’s hard to witness such heart-wrenching incidents during these testing times.

Even after bearing all the stress and ill-treatment, doctors are often seen going viral on the internet fo cheering their patients. Previously, to lift the dying spirits of the COVID-19 patients, Pakistani doctors were seen dancing for them. The circulating videos display the doctors’ strong-will and commitment to their profession and they deserve respect.

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