Pakistan’s Coronavirus Deaths On The Rise After Ease In Lockdown

Pakistan’s Coronavirus Deaths On The Rise After Ease In Lockdown

coronavirus pakistan

The whole of the world is stuck in the vicious cycle of coronavirus. Besides, the lethal virus has left no stone unturned in causing devastation across the globe. In Pakistan, the cases of the COVID-19 are soaring rapidly.

The ease in the lockdown before Eid did not do any good to Pakistan. The cases are rapidly rising in the country and the death rate is elevating. Punjab recorded 29 deaths – highest so far – in a day.

Besides, among all the provinces, Sindh records the highest single-day tally with 31 casualties in the last 24 hours. Furthermore,

Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir have collectively recorded 100 cases, which took the national cases to 64,028

As per the government’s Coronavirus portal, Islamabad recorded 85 new cases, 7 were recorded in GB, and in AJK 8 were reported. Besides, the capital city also reported 3 more deaths from the lethal virus, which took the total number of deaths to 22.

coronavirus pakistan

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The coronavirus data

Confirmed Cases:

  1. Azad Kashmir: 227
  2. Punjab: 22964
  3. Balochistan: 3928
  4. Kyber Pakhtunkhwa: 8842
  5. Sindh: 25309
  6. Islamabad: 2100
  7. Gilgit Baltistan: 658

Active cases:40,406

  1. Azad Kashmir: 123
  2. Punjab: 16,216
  3. Balochistan: 2,531
  4. Kyber Pakhtunkhwa: 5,717
  5. Sindh: 13,723
  6. Islamabad: 1,917
  7. Gilgit Baltistan: 179


  1. Azad Kashmir: 5
  2. Punjab: 410
  3. Balochistan: 43
  4. Kyber Pakhtunkhwa: 432
  5. Sindh: 396
  6. Islamabad: 22
  7. Gilgit Baltistan: 9


  1. Azad Kashmir: 99
  2. Punjab: 6,338
  3. Balochistan: 1,354
  4. Kyber Pakhtunkhwa: 2,693
  5. Sindh: 11,190
  6. Islamabad: 161
  7. Gilgit Baltistan: 470

The rate of cases could go exponentially if the government doesn’t pay heed upon the rapid rise. Although the COVID-19 is affecting the economy of the country, the government may plan a smart lockdown.

Besides, Dawn News quoted Information Minister Shibli Faraz. “The situation is tricky. We are very closely monitoring facts and figures which will basically become our guide.”

PM Imran Khan and the way forward

PM Imran Khan said, “If developed countries put their minds together and treat this as a global situation, I think we will all come out of it unscathed. Right now things look bleak, but if we treat it as a global issue the world will come out of it.”

The premier also talked about the economy in an address and burden on wagers due to COVID-19. “When you compare that with the developing world, unfortunately, we do not have the fiscal space to revive our economy, to look after the most vulnerable section of our society. Out of a population of 220 million, almost 150 million was counted among the most vulnerable section including the non-formal sector, daily wagers, weekly wagers, whose families are dependent on them earning money so that they could eat. But the problem was and the problem is that we have falling exports and remittances. We had big, ambitious plans to revive our tourism sector, and all this took a nosedive.”

Hence, as per the premier, the way forward is in unity against the virus. To summarize, the cases of the lethal coronavirus are rapidly rising in the country, Pakistan needs a thorough and comprehensive plan on war-footings to alleviate the growing menace.

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