COVID-19: BMC Doctors & Nurses Protest Over Lack Of Medical Facilities!

bmc doctors protest

Coronavirus medically known as COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on every sector in the world. Certainly, in such an uncertain time, doctors and nurses are the leading force, fighting this catastrophe across the world and Pakistan.

However, sadly, a recent viral video depicts, the government’s failure in providing facilities to those who are fighting COVID-19. Particularly, the video from Bolan Medical College Quetta (BMC) showcases, the failure of administration. In the video, nurses and doctors can be seen complaining about the lack of facilities provided to them along with discrimination against students.

bmc doctors protest

Source: Mizzima

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Furthermore, a student of Bolan Medical College Quetta (BMC) is showing a fragile mask and saying they only provide us with this mask to fight the menace of coronavirus. The lady seems quite irked and sad. She openly said what she had to. Furthermore, the lady complained about the faults in the administration and their biased attitude.

Here’s the video of the protest!

Earlier, the Balochistan government and its district administration made huge claims of giving facilities to everyone in the province, especially patients. Notwithstanding, the condition of doctors and nurses is dismal in the province let alone, the condition of patients. Reportedly, only the Sindh government has done well so far.

Check out the claims of CM Balochistan!

Check out one of his earlier tweets!

Well, against the above tweets of the CM Balochistan, the situation is quite adverse in the province. Furthermore, the video of the nurses and doctors depict, how vulnerable the province is from the pandemic. Imagine if the saviors get the virus, who would save the common people?

Besides, people reacted to the viral video on the social media platform.

bmc doctors protest

Source: Beexpress

People are standing behind them!

Pakistani artist Veena Malik also backed the concerns of the young medical officials!

Above all, coronavirus needs to be controlled otherwise Pakistan will become worst than Italy. Hopefully, the Government of Balochistan will take pragmatic steps to help the doctors or nurses along with the patients.

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