COVID-19: Adnan Siddiqui, Humayun Saeed Honor Pakistani Doctors

Adnan Siddiqui Humayun Saeed

Doctors around the world are tirelessly helping nations as the coronavirus pandemic gets severe with each passing day. In Pakistan also, they certainly are the ones who deserve every bit of appreciation for risking their lives to treat coronavirus patients. ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ actors Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed also want to laud them.

Doctors fighting in the front line

In this crucial stage when the whole world seems to be helpless in front of the deadly coronavirus, some amazing individuals have taken the lead. The deadly coronavirus has already brought the best in Pakistani celebrities who are helping the poor in such turmoil. In their respective Instagram posts, the stars also jumped on the bandwagon of celebrities and honored Pakistani doctors fighting the pandemic.

Calling all the doctors and healthcare staff ‘brave soldiers’, Adnan Siddiqui used praising words in his post caption.

”The brave soldiers who are offering their services while all of us safe are at home, we love you. The doctors, nurses and every single person who is right now dedicated to saving the lives of people suffering from coronavirus whilst risking theirs- we salute you.”

Further, to appreciate the lifesavers, the actors have asked their fans and followers to join them with white flags on Friday evening.

”See you, everyone, at the terrace tomorrow at 6 pm and let’s wave the white flag as much as we can to show our appreciation and gratitude”, he ended. Currently, both Adnan and Humayun are in self-isolation at a hotel as a preventive measure since they returned from the United States recently.

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