The Video Of These Two Cousins Opening Fire At Each Other Over Falling For The Same Girl Is Bizarre AF!

The very famous dialogue that goes by “There are no rules in love and war” and there seem to have no connection between why there shouldn’t be any rules. But because every dashing hero that Bollywood has ever produced has claimed this with all the confidence and passion so how can there be any doubt in it?! Doubt mat rakhna koi! okay?

The famous tales of love that we all have heard about undoubtedly have a twist that makes it more prominent. This love story of Lahore indeed has a twist but not one. It has two twists. These two cousins in Lahore fell in love with one girl and it took a new turn. but who knew it could turn this ugly?? These two boys came face to face on a street in broad daylight and opened fire on each other.

Here’s the CCTV footage of the incident

Fortunately, the boys are safe and nobody got injured and it was a safe duel. The people around did not realize that it could take a bad turn and they both would start firing on each other. Knowing the fact that this could have been very ugly and anyone of them could have died, none of them realized that what the consequences could be.

May the odds be with these people who think from their heart and not rationally at all. Hope that they are safe and sound. Know anyone who could do such a thing for love?? Tag them and let them see this video. 😉

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