Couples Are Happy After Karachi Police Will No Longer Ask For “Nikkah Nama” And Sab K Mazay Agaye

Karachi is in question after the new found government has promised to keep an eye on everything wrong. But sadly, the wrong grew stronger in Karachi in the last few months. People started talking about it on the internet on how the street crime increased, also how the cases of astray bullets erupted to surface. Many innocent kids died in all such cases and the establishment stands unmoved.

After many people calling out the government, some actions are been taken. These actions were first on paper, but now it has come to action. Dr. Amir Ahmed Shaikh, Additional Inspector General of Police Karachi Range wrote several letters – One on strict actions against Sheesha Bars, other on banning the marriage halls which are open midnight but what caught the internet’s attention was another letter which states “Police harassment to couples”!

It reads that the most general complaint was regarding how policemen harass couples and ask them to prove their relationship by showing nikkah nama

This is just one of the case from tons of other! But this is the funniest of all 😀

Where other people demanded this to happen in all over Pakistan

You are free; you are free to go on dates

All is sorted now! People of Karachi, you are FREE! Next time the police stops you while you’re on your long-drive date to phase-8, show them this letter instead of Nikkah Nama. Okay? 😉

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