Couple Trolled For 'Next Level' Intimate Post-Wedding Photoshoot - Pictures Go Viral On Social Media

Couple Trolled For ‘Next Level’ Intimate Post-Wedding Photoshoot – Pictures Go Viral On Social Media

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A young Indian couple, despite being subject to massive trolling on their intimate post-wedding photoshoot, is not ready to take down the pictures as it would mean giving in to their bullies.

According to the details, Lakshmi and Hrushi Karthik got married in a small ceremony in September. Later, they decided to have a post-wedding photoshoot.

“Ours was an arranged-cum-love marriage,” Lakshmi told the BBC, sharing that their idea was to have a post-wedding photoshoot that would be “memorable” to make up for their “subdued marriage ceremony” due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: BBC News

Pictures of the newlywed Indian couple went viral on social media. The couple attracted vicious trolling. In the photographs, both were seen laughing, hugging, and chasing after each other in a lush tea plantation, wrapped in white silk comforters.

While delving into the details about the controversial photoshoot, the couple shared that one of their friends had clicked the pictures. They decided to pose for a ‘romantic and intimate photoshoot’ that could make up for their modest affair that was only attended by approximately 50 guests.

Indian Couple Bashed Over 'Next Level' Intimate Post-Wedding Photoshoot
Source: BBC News

“It was great fun. We laughed through it. We were really excited about it. It was a part of our honeymoon, we were just married and we felt free,” Lakshmi recalled.

However, things turned ugly for the duo as they drew flak with online trolling soon after they shared pictures from their intimate wedding shoot on social media.

“We received two days of relentless hate,” says Lakshmi. “People said we were showing nudity, they said we were doing it for attention and seeking publicity,” the couple told BBC.

Most of the criticism pointed at Lakshmi

Lakshmi shared that most of the criticism was pointed at her, “It was really awful for me. They were harassing me much more than him. They were telling me to act in porn films, I was body-shamed.”

Source: BBC News

In addition to this, she regretted that the trolls included a lot of women too. In fact, the criticism was so brutal that they found her earlier photos with no makeup. In order to troll her, they began comparing her wedding photographs with those, saying look how ugly she looks in these photos.

On the contrary,  a few people also countered the raging criticism. They said that the pictures were amazing and the couple should ignore the critical comments.

Additionally, the bride said, “We did not know who the trolls were who were criticizing us. We also did not know the people who were speaking in our support, but it made us very happy.”

The couple denies to takedown the pictures

While sharing the reaction from her immediate family members, Lakshmi said “Initially, our parents were shocked too, but we explained to them why we wanted to do it and they understood and have been very supportive.”

However, she also told BBC that many of their relatives accused them of copying the West. In fact, they even phoned them to ask what was the need for this. Some even accused them of forgetting their culture.

Source: BBC News

In fact, many asked them to remove the photographs. Later, Lakshmi and Hrushi were both dropped from family WhatsApp groups.

Despite all the harsh backlash and trolling, the couple is determined to not take the photographs down. They believe that taking them down would be an admission of their guilt. According to them, they did not do anything wrong, “We were even wearing clothes underneath,” Lakshmi added.

Taking down the images would be they did something wrong, the couple shared. Moreover, they also said that they how judgmental the society is, and they have learned to live with it. So much so that they are now used to the criticism and enjoying it!

In a similar occurrence, the famous Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan’s intimate honeymoon pictures gathered a lot of hate online. Apart from that, a bride was seen dancing at her own wedding, enjoying her big day, but Pakistanis could not resist bashing and trolling her. As it appears, Desis are quite unfamiliar with the phenomenon of ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’!

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