This Couple Traveling the World on Bikes Now Reaches Pakistan and they Love It!

Off and on we are hearing stories of how foreigners and make frequent visits to Pakistan nowadays. With the image of how Pakistan is a country filled with terrorism and that the people, especially the women, cannot walk around freely, the foreigners coming to our land proves how the many put their trust in this beautiful country. We have another story of another couple.

Joining the list of many who have visited Pakistan in the recent days, Tinu and Xenia came to Pakistan on their motorbikes. The travel-bug-infected couple recently visited China and after that, they rest their feet in Pakistan.

Riding on their Yamaha XT660, the couple started their trip from Switzerland.

The couple who plan to visit every region of Asia came to Pakistan on the 4th of Septemeber and will spend additional days before going to India.

Traveling and staying in the Northern Pakistan, the two feel Pakistan is a welcoming country with friendly faces everywhere. The couple found communicating in English fairly easier in Pakistan as many people around the country know how to speak the language.

Tinu and Xenia embarked on the journey in February 2017 when they started from Switzerland. So far, the couple has managed to tick cross a number of countries from their bucket list, including China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Italy.

After Pakistan, they plan to visit India and Nepal!

For now, they are focused on completing their Asia-exclusive trip. However, the couple does plan to visit Australia and New Zealand one day.

It is indeed lovely to see how foreigners, despite hearing awful things about Pakistan put forward their interest and show the world what Pakistan really is. The beauty of the country is something no one talks about. Travellers such as Xenia and Tinu show the world the pleasure they are missing!

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