WOW! Couple In Karachi Distributes Rs15,000 Hidden In Flour Bags

Couple Karachi Cash Flour Bags

With the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, the poor communities across the world and in Pakistan have been suffering the most. From being deprived of basic commodities to having zero means of earning, the underprivileged need our help.

However, apart from the severe consequences of the virus, humanity has emerged in many parts of the world. While we mainly hear stories of destruction these days, the coronavirus has brought out the best in Pakistanis.

Following the humanity trail, recently, a couple in Karachi found a unique way of helping those who are ‘actually’ in need.

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ایک کلو آٹا ۔۔ 15 ہزار کا۔۔۔ کراچی میں حقدار کو راشن دینے کیلئے شہری نے انوکھا طریقہ اپنایا۔۔ زبردست آئیڈیا

Gepostet von Shayan Saleem am Montag, 13. April 2020

Unfortunately, ration mafia is creating problems for the people who need our help the most. The mafia wants free utility items and is selling them in exchange for money. Eventually, such vicious criminals of humanity deprive the actual needy of the basic necessities.

Rs15,000 in flour bags

Well, to identify such individuals or families, a couple from Karachi found an exceptional way while on a ration donation drive. As per the details, the couple, while distributing ration in Orangi Town saw around 40 to 50 people sitting at one corner of the road. Upon inquiring, the couple got to know that those were needy and were waiting for someone to help them with ration. What happened next will surprise you.

Couple Karachi Cash Flour Bags

Image: Twitter

Tricking the ones who just wanted to sell the collected ration afterward, the couple lied that they had bags of 1kg flour, nothing else. Within minutes, the mafia being separated from the crowd leaving about 18 to 20 needy on the spot. To help them, the couple then called someone and a car arrived at the scene with more ration.

Well, the story doesn’t end here. As the car arrived with flour bags for the poor (which were more than the couple had earlier said), they were astonished. Details revealed that every flour bag had Rs15,000 in it for the needy to fulfill their incurred loss because of the coronavirus pandemic. They gave the flour bags filled with three notes of Rs5,000 to those needy persons and left.

Couple Karachi Cash Flour Bags

image: Pinterest

Such beautiful souls are the definite reason that many poor of the country doesn’t sleep with an empty stomach. We appreciate such individuals who are keen on making this world a better place.

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