‘You Cannot Interfere In Our Privacy’ – Couple Caught ‘Kissing’ On Airblue Flight Tells Passengers!

Couple Caught Kissing Airblue Flight

Flights see a great many people pile into a relatively small space so it is quite hard to miss what the others around you are up to. One couple sparked shock when they were spotted doing a very intimate deed in their plane seat.

We all know how the actions of those around you can make your flight infinitely worse. With plane passengers traveling in such close quarters, what fliers do, even in their own seats, is often hard to ignore.

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An amorous couple caused an uproar on a domestic flight as the passengers caught them kissing each other on May 20. The incident occurred on PA-200, a Karachi-Islamabad flight, as Express Tribune reported.

According to eyewitnesses, it was the couple seated in the fourth row who began kissing first. As a number of fellow passengers complained, the air hostess requested the couple to stop.

However, the couple continued exhibiting some very intimate behavior regardless of having families around them. When they did not pay heed to her request, the air hostess provided the uncooperative couple with a blanket to keep their displays of affection under wraps.

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It has been reportedly claimed that the couple hit back at those complaining when they were confronted about their actions. They said, “Who are you to tell us anything? You don’t have any right to interfere in someone’s privacy”. Advocate Bilal Farooq Alvi, who was on board the plane, issued a video message on social media claiming to detail the actions of the couple in the presence of families aboard the flight.

The eyewitness narrates the incident

In addition to this, Alvi filed a complaint with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) against the airline staff for not taking adequate measures to stop the couple. As of now, it has been reported that the civil aviation department is investigating the matter.

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Moral policing in Pakistan is never-ending! PDA is a big NO NO even if you are a married couple. God forbid if you do kiss in public, you put shame on the ‘Islamic State of Pakistan’. Chances are, you might even get caught by a cop. The next thing you know, you are paying a very heavy price for a mere peck. A complaint has been filed against the couple on the flight, you can imagine the extent of intolerance.

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Story Courtesy: Express Tribune

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