What Corruption Allegations Are Made Against Bushra Bibi’s Close Friend Farah Khan?

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Farah Khan, a close friend of the prime minister’s wife Bushra Bibi, has left the country amid serious allegations of corruption leveled against her by the opposition. What are these allegations?

According to sources, Farah Khan had left for Dubai on Sunday after the dissolution of the National Assembly in the wake of the no-trust move against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Her husband had reportedly left the country already.

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It is pertinent to note that Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari as well as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice-President Maryam Nawaz mentioned Farah Khan several times recently and accused her of being involved in corruption.

Maryam Nawaz had alleged that a friend of the prime minister’s wife received a huge sum of money for getting officers transferred and posted according to their choice, calling her the ‘mother of all scandals’ amounting to Rs6 billion.

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“I dare to name Farah, a friend of Bushra Bibi who is involved in receiving millions of rupees in transfers and postings and these are directly connected to Banigala (residence of Prime Minister Khan),” said Maryam.

She claimed once the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government was sent home the mind-boggling stories of corruption of Imran Khan and the company would come to the fore.

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“The mother of all scandals of transfers and postings amounting to Rs6bn is related to Banigala. In the coming days, startling evidence will surface. Imran Khan has fears that once he is out of power his ‘thefts’ will be exposed,” Maryam added.

Shehbaz Gill responds to accusations

Responding to the accusations, the outgoing prime minister’s close aide Shehbaz Gill had said that Maryam had begun to target Bushra’s friend after she couldn’t find the grounds to criticize her. According to him, Farah did not hold any public post nor was she a member of the PTI.

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PTI dissident Aleem Khan, an old friend of the premier, also alleged that Farah Khan had made millions in transfers and postings done in Punjab through former chief minister Usman Buzdar.

Aleem said any investigation would uncover who Farah was forwarding the money of her alleged corruption while responding to a question about whether the first lady was also involved in supporting Farah khan.

It may be recalled that Gill recently also slammed PML-N leaders for dragging PM Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi into politics and making “black magic allegations” against her.

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