People Are Dying But Khurrum Zaman Thinks We Must Not Stay Indoors

People Are Dying Due To COVID But Khurrum Zaman Thinks We Must Not Stay Indoors

Khurrum Sher Zaman

Coronavirus is causing immense destruction across the world. Cases along with death toll are also soaring in Pakistan. In short, the virus is leaving no stone unturned in wreaking havoc on the homo sapiens. In this scenario, a representative of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf came out with a strange theory. Instead of urging people to take precautions, a PTI leader is saying that coronavirus is the weakest in Pakistan.

The PTI leader, Khurrum Sher Zaman a Geo Television program said Pakistan has type “C” of Virus. “Do not fear corona but fight it. Now see, the COVID in Pakistan is category “C” COVID, which is the weakest COVID. This is not the same corona which is in Italy and Newyork; so, thanks to Allah that the COVID present here is the weakest.”

He added, “We have to move our lives, we cannot stand still in this scenario. Yes, I agree, it is affecting people with the age of 60 to 70. Indeed the effect of this virus will be highest on these people. However, the rest of the people, the youth, are not witnessing such a severe effect. We have never said that there is no pandemic, but we have to fight it; we must not stay at home.”

PTI government and COVID-19

Ever since the pandemic arose, the PTI government is not taking it that seriously. The geo news anchor said, “I am hearing for the first time about the categories A, B, C of coronavirus.” “Who told you about these categories?”, asked the anchor, adding, “the research is still going on.”

The anchor added, “You said it on national TV that here the pandemic is weakest; such kind of statements pursues people to roam or travel streets without masks. Please, tell me, whenever the pandemic was controlled, it was controlled with the lockdown; we have few examples.”

Khurrum Sher Zaman

Source: Parhlo

He further stated, “In Pakistan, the effective lockdown was not really implemented, Tehreek-e-Insaf was not in favor of this ever; however, now it is too late, no one is saying implement lockdown now; but what is the second way? Give awareness to people but by these sayings, you cannot create awareness among the masses.”

Above all, the cases in Pakistan stands around 80500, with deaths of around 1688 people. In this scenario, the statement of Khurrum Sher Zaman seems paradoxical to the facts.

Doctors in Pakistan are toiling to fight the disease, the other day owing to the request Pakistan received, Covid-19 life-saving drug from Bangladesh. Such facts counter the statements of Khurrum; however, one thing is indeed sure the recovery rate is fine in Pakistan, and mostly aged people have died with the virus.

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