China’s Clinical Trials Of COVID-19 Vaccine In Pakistan Have Upset Indians

china coronavirus vaccine

A Chinese pharmaceutical company has invited the National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad, to collaborate in conducting clinical trials of its recently developed inactivated vaccine for COVID-19 in Pakistan.

However, as soon as the news broke, many people weren’t too happy with the news. Especially, our neighbors. Many Indians took to Twitter and criticized the decision. They feel the Chinese are treating Pakistanis as their ‘lab rats’. Well, we agree to disagree with their opinion since who knows if their experiment gets successful? And, in that case, Pakistan will be the first country across the globe to get coronavirus vaccine.

NIH Executive Director Maj Gen Dr. Aamer Ikram said the benefit from the clinical trials in Pakistan would be that if the vaccine proves to be successful, the country would be able to procure it on a high-priority basis.

A Pakistani journalist and TV Anchor Saadia Afzaal broke the news last night which created chaos on social media. However, the Chinese COVID-19 vaccine will not only be provided to Pakistan but Pakistan will be among the first few countries to receive it.

But, it will all start after the clearance of several laws. It has to be approved by the ethics committee and others.

Twitterati shows resistance over China’s coronavirus vaccine

Scientists across the globe are working overtime to find a cure and vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic. Any vaccine for the same looks unlikely before the end of this year. But, there’s always hope and of course, someone has to take the risk to save millions of lives across the globe.

But, there are always a few people who try to spread negativity in everything. Indians are always one of them.

Moreover, a few Pakistanis also feel the testing on Pakistanis will have a long term negative effect on us.

Coronavirus vaccine impossible before 2021

There have been reports that China will deliver the coronavirus vaccine in the next three months, but it is nearly impossible for a vaccine to be ready before the end of 2021. Severin Schwan, Head of the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical company Roche said, “According to the most likely scenario, we will not have a vaccination before the end of next year”.

He said antibody tests, rather than a vaccine, would be key to allowing people to return to normal life before 2021.

Not only China, but many countries including the US, Israel, Germany among others are also working on coronavirus vaccines. Some time back, Israeli scientists also claimed to have developed a vaccine for a deadly virus.

Some researchers are more optimistic about a vaccine being produced this year. But, after all the clinical trials and legal clearances, it won’t be available before the year 2021.

Let’s see if the Chinese can come up with a game-changer and Pakistan can play an important part in it. Like everyone knows that China is among the top few countries in inventions. However, this time they need to be very careful about the after-effect of their experiments. You know what we mean.


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