Three-Year-Old Salaar Underwent Another COVID-19 Test After Two Positive Results

Three-Year-Old Salaar Underwent Another COVID-19 Test After Two Positive Results

Salaar's Third Covid19 Test

A few days back, the news of a 3-year-old Salaar from Karachi shook everyone for witnessing the youngest kid in Pakistan contracting the coronavirus. A local hospital took the poor little boy for treatment and isolation after detecting the prevalent virus.

Her mother floated around his news in the hope of receiving collective support from the nation. The mother was in pain, and we could all see her agony. Another update on the 3-year-old Salaar just came in, and from what we have seen, the situation is extremely painful to look at.

Two tests came out positive

A few days back we learned that Salaar went through two tests that came out positive. Now another test result is anticipated when the mother updates the world of the painful agony the mother and the child both are going through with the procedures.

“Many people asking about Salaar Sherzad health… Tested for covid19 on 16th April 2020, from then onwards, 2 more tests have been conducted. Results were positive.. today another test’s conducted… He was so scared because the first test was #Nasopharyngeal and really painful for him..

At last, after 5 mins of struggle DOW team and his parents succeeded to get his sample. Now we r hoping for a negative #covid19 result.

He is stable now… have no symptoms… He is not in any pain just crying because he was scared of the test.
…this is really the worst and horrible disease that we suffered… please keep yourselves and your children safe,” said a Facebook post.

His YouTube and Facebook page

Her courageous mother after dealing with the agonizing incident doesn’t shy away from acknowledging every update and informing the public of the situation. Update on social media platforms with his latest news is constantly circulating in an attempt to spread awareness for the masses. His parents don’t want any other parent to go through what they’re going through for the innocent little kid.

The good news

Despite all the painful procedures and Salaar’s battling with them, her mother is hopeful again as she informs the followers about the declining symptoms. She awaits the third result now and given his condition, she is hopeful that the virus would have passed out by now. However, there is an appeal for more prayers in the post. And those worried for the little one should not be wary now.

The baby boy is doing better now with the coronavirus but it is the procedures and tests that have become painful for the kid, his parents, as well as the viewers now. One can see from the video, the child’s pain.


Please take out a moment to pray for the little one. Update us with your views in the comments section below!

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