Coronavirus Recovery Rate Is Better In Pakistan, Over 1600 Are Virus-Free

Coronavirus Recovery Rate Pakistan

In these harsh times, when the deadly coronavirus has disrupted world peace, Pakistan has been fortunate to rise as a combating nation. With an increase in cases, the government and other authorities concerned have made and implemented an impactful strategy to control the pandemic.

As of now, America has been the most severely hit country by the novel coronavirus with the highest number of cases reported. On the other hand, Pakistan, being a third world country is fighting the virus more strategically as compared to several other developed ones. According to the latest stats, till now, more than 6,000 coronavirus positive cases have been reported in Pakistan.

Recovery rate and the number of virus-free cases

Because of the immediate actions, taken against the outbreak, the country has been successful in controlling the rising number. The constant emphasis from the government bodies on adhering to the advised precautionary measures, the nation has been quite safe. However, several studies even suggest that the coronavirus isn’t considered as a ‘lethal’ disease if proper measures are taken on time.

Coronavirus Recovery Rate Pakistan

Pakistan has definitely been fortunate enough to not witness extreme conditions due to the virus. As per the globally recognized worldometer website, till now, 6,505 coronavirus cases have been reported in Pakistan. Out of which 1,645 positive patients have been fully recovered and sent home. However, a loss of 124 innocent lives was also recorded due to the virus.

Pakistan can only improve the recovery rate if people will come forward and get themselves tested. The coronavirus test itself is very easy. A majority of Pakistani hospitals are conducting a swab test. The lab just takes a special cotton swab and sample the inside of the throat or nose. The sample is then sent to the laboratory for confirmation. During this time, the person has to take the precautionary measures seriously.

Faisal Edhi on the spreading rumors

Speaking on the matter, son of the philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi shared some relieving news earlier today. As per the details, there has been no significant increase in coronavirus deaths in the past few days. Faisal rolled out the statement in response to the circulating rumors regarding the increase in deaths due to the virus.

Coronavirus Recovery Rate Pakistan

Indeed, such news has become the only source of satisfaction these days after seeing the brutal consequences of the disease around the world. Apart from all the chaos, the novel coronavirus has brought out the best in Pakistanis. With ration drives being held all across the country, humanity has prevailed to provide food to the needy.

Daily, we witness some extraordinary examples which restore our faith in humanity. Recently, a couple from Karachi garnered appreciation online as they distributed flour bags with Rs.15,000 hidden in them to the underprivileged. Such individuals are the reason many poor in Pakistan are sleeping with full stomachs even during difficult times.

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