Hyderabad Coronavirus Patient Attempts Suicide Amid Job Related Tension

suicides due to coronavirus

A coronavirus patient was admitted at a hospital in Kotri, Jamshoro, who attempted to commit suicide on Monday. He was an employee of the People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative.

Reportedly, he was under a lot of work-related stress and upon hearing the news of contracting coronavirus he decided to end his life.

The man tried to hang himself from the ceiling fan using a sheet from the hospital bed. However, a policeman deployed at the ward saw him and stopped him before he could do so.

He told local media that he took medical leave from work due to his situation. However, he claimed that the district health officer (DHO) Mushtaq Solangi accused him of making false excuses in order to shirk his duties. “The DHO warned me that he would fire me if I tested negative for coronavirus,” he said.

However, on contacting the DHO, he was unavailable for comment.

Coronavirus patient threatened to commit suicide

Earlier this month, a coronavirus patient in Mayo Hospital, Lahore has threatened to commit suicide over the mistreatment of hospital staff.

According to reports, the patients are being denied tests and the hospital staff is snatching their phones. A video doing rounds on social media shows a woman talking over the phone with someone, pleading help and threatening to commit suicide. Reports further say that the patients are stuck in the hospital and are being treated like prisoners.

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A man took his life over corona fear, unemployment

Moreover, last month another case was reported where a man in Karachi committed suicide over the fear of coronavirus and due to lockdown’s unemployment.

According to detail,s a resident of Karachi’s Kashmir Colony namely Sarfaraz was not feeling well so he went to the doctor nearby where he was advised to carry out the coronavirus test. After which he had isolated himself from his wife and children for several days. Later, he committed suicide by hanging.

The wife of the deceased told that her husband was at home after the announcement of lockdown as he was working on daily wages at a Petrol Pump to wash the vehicles. He used to earn 500 to 600 rupees daily.

Moreover, she informed that her husband was very depressed after the lockdown as they are living in a house on a rental basis. Sarfaraz was a healthy man and was only bread earner for the family. He commited suicide due to unemployment during the lockdown.

Such behaviour by hospitals and the government is forcing people to take extreme steps. Many people are refusing to undergo coronavirus testing as they are not being treated well in hospitals. Continuous negligence of hospitals and government are the major cause of increasing coronavirus in the country.

The government is creating panic among the citizens rather than giving them the required support during this crisis. The poor is getting poorer and suffering each passing day. The continuous stress due to poverty, no source of income and then this coronavirus panic is leaving them with no other option than to suicide.


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