COVID-19 Death At Mayo Lahore Exposes Alleged Hospital Negligence

Coronavirus Patient Die Mayo Hospital

As the coronavirus pandemic rapidly takes over our ability to think, doctors are gathering praises from every corner of the world. The same is the case in Pakistan but a recent horrifying incident that happened in a hospital in Lahore is raising many questions.

COVID-19 patient dies at Mayo Lahore

With the increasing coronavirus cases in Pakistan, the young health officials are tirelessly working to turn things for the better. However, in a recent tweet, well-known journalist Hamid Mir shed light on the uncertain conditions of Mayo Hospital in Lahore. As per the post, the alleged negligence of the hospital led to the death of a coronavirus patient.

Here’s what Hamid Mir shared on Twitter:

According to the narrated scenario, a coronavirus patient named Muhammad Hanif was being treated in Mayo Hospital. Unfortunately, on Thursday, late at night, his condition turned worse but there was no medical assistance provided to him. Because of the unbearable pain, the patient then fell off his hospital bed and kept screaming but no doctors or other staff came to his assistance.

The uncertain condition of Mayo Hospital, Lahore

Eventually, the chaos then woke several other patients who then inquired about Hanif’s misery. Upon complaint, two ward boys came into the coronavirus unit picked Hanif up and tied him to his bed and went. Still, no medical help was provided.

Coronavirus Mayo Hospital


The horrific scene stirred tension in the ward as Muhammad Hanif constantly kept crying for help. Spending the whole night in pain, a health official came to check up on the patient at 10 in the morning but it was too late. Unfortunately, poor Hanif was declared dead because of alleged hospital negligence at Mayo Hospital which has now put a question mark on our civil administration abilities.

Coronavirus tally surpasses 1,200 in Pakistan

Among all the praises the doctors are garnering in Pakistan, faulty administration can lead to such incidents. Earlier, among others, actors’ Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed also honored the doctors of Pakistan for their exceptional work.

As per the latest reports, the coronavirus cases in the country have now surpassed 1,200 and it is alarming. As of now, the Punjab government should look into the matter and take action against whoever is responsible at the Mayo Hospital.

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