24-Year-Old Woman Diagnosed With COVID-19 Escapes Lahore Hospital

woman escapes lahore hospital

With the current tally of COVID-19 coronavirus cases reaching 1100 in Pakistan, tougher times seem to be ahead. The unprecedented pandemic has sent even the strongest of minds into oblivion.

 In the latest episode of whataboutery, a 24-year-old woman escaped Jinnah Hospital Lahore after she was diagnosed with Novel COVID-19 coronavirus. The name of the woman has been confirmed as Sama.

Her reports were tested positive by a laboratory and she was later sent to the high dependency unit in Jinnah Hospital Lahore. Reportedly, the woman is a local of the Gulshan-e-Ravi area in Lahore.

coronavirus patient escapes

Source: expresstribune

Once she was sent to the HDU, the woman tricked administration and hospital staff, escaping her quarantine facility. The hospital administration later said that the woman was being treated with high care. However, she adamantly took a french leave.

Since then, hospital officials have contacted local police providing all details of the female patient who escaped her quarantine facility. On the other hand, doctors such as Shaheed Usama Riaz are sacrificing their lives for patients.

With a huge influx of cases in Pakistan, patients are running for their lives. Ironically, instead of going to hospitals, people are running from them.

This, indeed, is more dangerous than the virus spreading in itself. The government needs to initiate therapy sessions for patients along with treatment which rids such incidents altogether.

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