Influx Of Coronavirus Patients From Iran Is A Threat To Pakistan

Coronavirus patients Iran

An additional 4 people in Iran have died at the hands of Coronavirus and the death tolls don’t seem to be in control. Admissible knowledge of the cure is still unknown, will this be the end of the world?

Worrisome Conditions of the Entire World

Iran corona

Source: NY Times

The United States of America finally seems concerned about the advent of the deadly virus called Coronavirus. The virus originated from Wuhan, a city in China.

Iran shut down all schools, universities and community centers as Coronavirus started spreading. Dozens of people are currently affected by the virus. So far, 28 cases have been reported of Coronavirus, as a man who died recently, was later on diagnosed with the same illness.

Iran along with South Korea has become the second country with the most number of deaths due to Coronavirus, first being China. The government of Iran has announced of all cinemas and public centers to remain closed till the tolls decrease. However, Lebanon has reported its first case of Coronavirus of a 45-year-old woman who traveled from Qom, Iran.

However, all countries have evacuated the situation, retrieving their students, workers, and businesses from China; except for Pakistan as the decision remains pending.

Cases have been emerging from all over the world- North Korea, Europe, South Korea and mostly from the Middle East. Howsoever, North America has reported several cases of Coronavirus and still, no solution is to be found.

As alarming the situation seems, Hong Kong has also had several deaths due to the virus. Now is the best time as any to relocate services and stop people from positive symptoms from traveling.

There have been cases reported which are evidence that many people, carrying the virus have traveled across the shore and landed in Canada.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

Should we really isolate ourselves from the world? This questions our sanity, we all have children and families to care for, however, we also have a bit of humanity left in us. Since Shia Muslims regularly visit Iran and Iraq, there are several cases that have traveled from Iran to Pakistan.

Regardless of Pakistan still not being able to take a decision on how to retrieve their students from China, Islamabad High Court has given the government an ultimatum to devise a policy till Tuesday, 25th of February.

Dr. Slyvia Braid, the director of infectious hazard management for the W.H.O said in her report that the increasing number of cases does not exhibit a positive picture of Iran. 4 reported deaths mean 200 unreported cases. An increase in death means the virus is spreading faster and vigorously.

Coronavirus kills

Source: NY Times

Furthermore, the virus usually takes 2-3 weeks to take the victim’s life, meaning that prominent symptoms show quite promptly. Therefore, hospitals are to be equipped with staff knowledgable enough to handle. The emergency medic staff has to be on rotation 24/7 regardless of the situation.

TV commercials and social media ads should guide people about the symptoms and how to stay safe. In times like this, we really need to stand together and fight the virus, until a cure has been found.

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