This Is How Innovations Will Help Lessen Coronavirus Threat

Coronavirus Human Innovations

Creativity certainly has no boundaries. The emergence and then rapid spread of the coronavirus is a reminder of the power of nature. Moreover, it also explains how innovation and technology can help us to handle the global emergency.

Here are some examples.

DIY hand-washing sinks from metallic drums

A man in some part of the world has turned metallic drums into hand-washing sinks and placed them at different bus stops as the global fight against coronavirus becomes a common man’s everyday battle. If the country is a developing nation, the DIY sink is definitely a unique design. If only we know where he lives, we all can get some tips from him.

Coronavirus Human Innovations

Tech Valley Abbottabad/Facebook

Pakistani students develop app to detect virus

A group of students at Habib University in Karachi has developed an application that can detect coronavirus symptoms. As per the details, the app can also be used to treat the coronavirus disease.


Robot nurses delivering food, medicine

In many Chinese hospitals, robots are being used to deliver food, medicine, and other supplies to coronavirus patients. Some are also helping in disinfecting hospitals and other public areas. While many are even checking patients’ temperatures in some areas.


Drones helping from the sky

The use of this innovation is helping officials gather information at a faster pace while keeping a safe distance.

In some parts of the world and China, drones are being used to respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Some are also being used to issues warning to people to wear masks via loudspeakers. Dones are also spraying disinfectants in remote areas in many countries besides delivering important medical supplies.

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