Coronavirus – All The Way From Nature to Nurture In Pakistan


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Coronavirus is no more than a natural disease. It is nurtured now because the Pakistanis are really mehman nawaz and they are nourishing Corona.

They don’t leave anything useless. Instead, they utilize everything very effectively and efficiently; whether it would be a blessing or a curse. Just have a look at COVID 19; which become an epic story of a deadly pandemic because of our extremely friendly Pakistani awam. In our society, people thought if China and the rest of the world have Coronavirus in abundance, why should they live calmly? Like other products of China; food, mobiles, home appliances, clothes and other accessories, they must have this Coronavirus along with its siblings; flu, breathlessness, cough and fever.

As a result, they imported corona affected people in large numbers on 26 Feb 2020.

They quarantined them for a few days and gifted it to the rest of the public. Furthermore, it is worth to note, in Pakistan there was no coronavirus case until a guy came from Iran who tested positive. After that, by March, the disease spread throughout the whole country very badly.

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Well, Coronavirus proved to be a very good nature guest. It made its special place in every nook and corner of Pakistan very rapidly; just because of the non-seriousness and impatient attitude (violation of SOP’s) of people; towards this pandemic. They enjoyed their festivals, did their shopping, gathered publicly, made naked; their faces and hands, didn’t sanitize themselves from time to time and didn’t maintain social distancing. As a result, the pandemic has now spread badly; to such an extent, that it has surpassed 100k patients within days. Here, congratulations to the so-called Pakistani awam! Their warm welcome to the disease has brought Pakistan to be the 10th in the world; crossing 100k patients as per WHO.

The virus also brought about lockdown, a collapsed economy, unemployment, spiked inflation; caused uncountable deaths, raised poverty and disputes between provincial and central Governments. Unfortunately, political parties once again didn’t fail to play their blame game; in this crucial time.

Evidently, these are such repercussions which can’t be met until years.

But at the same time, thanks to Covid-19, which despite so many catastrophic outcomes, has also taught people; how to live simply, how to love life, how to love family and how to use scarce resources. It also brought into light numerous philanthropes of our society who selflessly helped many poor families; by distributing cash and non-cash sustenance. Last but not least COVID-19 told us how valuable life is; which people have devalued somewhere in the race of this mortal world.

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Moreover, it has also clarified our minds; that there is a power, omnipotent, omnipresent, that is only Allah SWT. That He can stop the pendulum anytime anywhere, so don’t be proud of anything. Moreover, through this pandemic, Allah reminds us of His beloved Prophet’s (SAW) Hadith on racism that kisi arabi ko ajami par aur ajami ko arabi par, kisi gorey ko kaale par aur kaale ko gorey par koi fouqiat hasil nahi. He assembled all the people in the world in a line; where no one is rich or poor, no one is superior or inferior. This is a time to seek forgiveness from the Almighty, to ask Him to pardon all our sins and have mercy on us.

It is for the first time that any critical situation everywhere is not demanding unity; rather the fatal pandemic is demanding distance to stay alive. Therefore, it would be better to adopt precautionary measures; as described by officials, before any vaccination gets discovered. “Precaution is better than cure”

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