5 Ways To Quarantine Your House And Make It Coronavirus Free

coronavirus homes

At this time, everybody is fed up with being locked up inside their homes. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, self-isolation is currently the best option. Until and unless a proper vaccine is developed to cure the infected patients, the only way to stop the outspread is by remaining indoors and avoiding all social interactions. While we are bound to sit at our homes, it is statutory for us to observe quarantine, as much as possible.

Certain countries around the globe have already made it mandatory for their citizens to quarantine their homes. Keeping in mind the current health dilemma, the sanest option for us would be to prepare for any precipitating circumstances.

As of now, the Coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 1,500,000 people, moreover, infecting 89,417, worldwide.

Here is a listicle of how we can make our homes Corona-proof.

coronavirus homes

Image: Aljazeera

1. Planning out errands

It is quite likely that you may run out of groceries and medicines at some point. Rather than rushing out, hastily, you can plan out to send only one person, outside, from the household. While the errand-runner would be taking care of all the shopping fuss, the rest of the family will be at home, out of harm’s way.

Meanwhile, when outside, you must fulfill all protocols of social distancing, which articulate, of maintaining six feet of distance from every other person. During purchases at supermarkets or at stores, be sure to wipe off handles or carts and baskets, and wear a face mask all the time.

Set up a disinfecting station. Like when you come home, you must sterilize packaged food before providing it to anyone in your home.

2. Deterging everything

Coming home from outside, the first that you should give priority to, is to thoroughly sanitize your hands and face, with a good antibacterial soap. Even at home, you must observe washing hands after every 20 seconds or so. The same goes on with kitchen utensils.

Additionally, disinfect everything you touch — doorknobs, light switches, keys, phone, keyboards, remotes, etc, leaving surfaces wet for 3-5 minutes.

For laundry, wash clothes, towels, and linens regularly on the warmest setting. Moreover, avoid shaking laundry in air, which could prevent any virus’s dispersion.

coronavirus homes

Image: Unicef

3. Keeping track of supplies

Keeping a futuristic approach regarding supplies, you must have food items like bread, pasta, butter, fruits vegetables at your home. For meat items, you can store frozen food like ready to eat meat items.

Other than edibles, there must be trash bags, laundry detergents, and sanitizers ready for use at your home. In case of a sanitizer shortage, you can even make one while staying indoor.

A sensible approach to stocking these necessities is by ordering them online.

4. Dealing with pets

Everybody loves pets! There is not one moment in our lives when we keep our pets away from us. However, in times of such crisis, it is pragmatic to keep them distant.

If you’re sick, ask someone living with you to take care of them, during the recovery phase. Nonetheless, if you must care for them while you’re sick, wash your hands frequently.

coronavirus homes

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5. In case of any illness

It is possible that some of us might contact any illness. In such a situation, a doctor must be consulted, moreover, the patient must be isolated, with a separate restroom.

Protocol dictates, avoiding sharing items with them, disinfecting their laundry carefully, and instructing them to always wear a face mask when conversing with others.

Last but not least, life under the Coronavirus lockdown is hard. Many of us are craving for this health dilemma to end soon. However, we must realize that until any proper vaccine is made, it is up to us to take care of ourselves and our families. Especially, elderly people in our home, who are much prone to getting this deadly infection.



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