Viral WhatsApp Messages Claim Govt Is Sending COVID-19 Bodies To Brazilian ‘Adamkhor’

coronavirus bodies to brazil

Pakistanis are way too innocent and really funny. We as a nation never fail to amaze everyone. Every day Pakistanis are coming up with their own version and theories about the recent pandemic and it’s just wow! Let’s just accept that we are really creative and can face any problem with our wit.

The recent ‘discovery’ about the ongoing pandemic is really interesting. Pakistanis honestly believe that the government might be sending coronavirus dead bodies to some jungle in Brazil. WE ARE SERIOUS!

A few such messages have gone viral on WhatsApp and Pakistanis have started to believe them. The messages claim that different countries are involved in the scandal. They are sending bodies of the people who are dying of coronavirus to a jungle in Brazil in exchange for extracting oil.

However, many people [like us] are also finding it amusing and enjoying the debate.

Earlier, another conspiracy theory claimed that Bill Gates created the coronavirus to control humans. People believe that Gates soon will also give a ‘vaccine’ for the virus. His plan is to inject microchips in humans through which he will control their brains.

Also, like Pakistan, India also doesn’t lack creativity in building conspiracies. They once claimed that Pakistani donkeys are the main cause of spreading coronavirus in India.

We don’t know how people can believe such bizarre theories but let’s take it positively. Pakistanis are finding good time-pass gossiping about such stories in the lockdown. It’s a good way to handle mental health during this pandemic.

There are so many theories about this coronavirus but we just loved this one!


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