Virologist Confirms COVID-19 Can Survive On Fruits And Vegetables

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A lot of rumors and myths have surrounded the Novel COVID-19 coronavirus in recent times. Every single day, the world learns something new about illness and its spreading.

A virologist working at the University of Sydney as an associate professor has come forward with a new theory. As per his statements, the COVID-19 coronavirus survives on fresh market produce. The indiscriminate nature of the virus is affecting everyone; from the poor to the rich. Even Prince Charles has tested positive for the virus.

Timothy Newsome, who specializes in infectious diseases and viruses, says that every surface has a hazard including fruits and vegetables. As per the professor, supermarket customers should be mindful that fruits too can carry the virus.

coronavirus fruits vegetables

Source: indiatoday

The virus can live on most surfaces, patrons doing their weekly shop from supermarkets should be particularly aware. Customers constantly come to pick items and drop them back. So if the virus is transferred to the vegetables and fruits, it will remain there,” said Timothy.

Timothy added that customers should remember that every surface is potentially contaminated. And like with any surface, there is a risk. Moreover, the virologist added that people don’t see this as a high form of risk, but it is. Additionally, he urged people to be mindful of what they touch and what they don’t.

Practice care when shopping

Even though ‘testing fruits and vegetables’ does not make sense, people will have to be wary of what they are buying. Furthermore, it is also important that people keep in mind where they are shopping.

In the context of Pakistan, usually, fruits and vegetables are bought from street vendors as compared to supermarkets in other parts of the world. These grocers also work on whatever they make every day, just as daily waged laborers.

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Even though it is very important to buy from them, it is also important to practice caution. Carry hand sanitizers while shopping. When you buy something from a local vendor, make sure you extend the courtesy of sanitizing their hands as well.

However, the virologist’s claims are still to be verified by further researchers.

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