Coronavirus: Azaan In Kuwait Asks Muslims To Pray At Home!

Coronavirus Azaan Kuwait Muslims Pray Home

Coronavirus has now spread all around the world with many deaths on its hand. Countries have been put on lockdown and to prevent the life-threatening disease, Muslims around the world are being asked not to pray in the congregation.

Muslims of Kuwait pray at home!

Congregation prayers are very important for Muslims as they follow and adapt the teachings of Islam and practice them for life. However, yesterday an unexpected case from Kuwait where a Muadhin asking the Muslim residents to pray at home took social media by storm.

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Here’s the video going viral on the internet!

Kuwait, located at the heart of Asia, faces the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in its way by asking Muslims to stay indoors and pray. However, the Azaan comprises of few sentences, which urge the Muslims to come and pray in the mosque as taught. The Azaan reminds every Muslim of their obligations to Allah as the Muslims offer Salah altogether.

Though, the Azaan, yesterday was different in Kuwait that encouraged the Muslims to rather pray at home than to come at Masjid. Particularly, instead of saying “Hayya ‘ala as-Salah” (come to prayer) the Muadhin said, “Salatu fi buyutikum” (pray in your homes).

Kuwait fighting Coronavirus!

Kuwait has successfully recovered two cases today, making a total of seven recoveries around the country. However, with a hundred cases in hospitals, Kuwait’s government is trying its best to secure its parameters.

Coronavirus Azaan Kuwait Muslims Pray Home

Source: Al Arabiya

Analyzing the devastating consequences, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared COVID-19 a ‘pandemic’. Statisticians say that if the virus kept growing at the same rate, by the end of 2020 70% of the world’s population will be infected with the virus.

Coronavirus and its affects on the Muslim world!

Recently, netizens witnessed birds doing Tawa’af around the Kaba after it was cleared out for sanitizing purposes. Due to the threat of Coronavirus, people are even being reluctant about pilgrimage.

Earlier, this week, in Friday prayers, the Imam of Makkah cried his eyes out during Dua when he realized that there were so fewer people praying in Haram. This heart-wrenching scenario left Muslims around the globe in tears and misery.

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Countries such as Pakistan and Iran are facing thousands of cases altogether. Their governments are trying their best to protect their people from fatal Cornavirus by creating effective strategies to fight the global health emergency.

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