Here Are 5 Ways To Cure Coronavirus – Related Anxiety!


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This article was originally submitted by Mehwish Sheikh

Listening to the news can be petrifying for the faint-hearted these days. Alas, the novel coronavirus has entered the territories of the land of the pure (Pakistan).

Day in and day out there is news from around the globe that the virus has infected more and the already infected have said their last good-byes. Almost four cases have been reported as of now in Pakistan and it is being imagined at the viewers end that the government is hiding the exact count.

To add to the panic, the concerned organizations haven’t been taking stringent measures to prevent further spread of the virus. As a consequence, living in such circumstances can make one suffer from panic attacks and anxiety.

To make sure that we all get through this outbreak with our mental health intact, some recommendations should be noted:

Make a prayer or meditate:


Remember: We can’t predict the future and so, it is better to refrain from negative thoughts. We, as a nation, have managed Chikungunya, Dengue and Congo and Insha Allah we will perform well during this pandemic, too.

Timely prayers will help mitigate anxiety. Studies have revealed that prayer and meditation help calm one’s self and increase brain activity.

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Don’t develop compulsive behaviour:

Prevention is indeed better than cure but be sure while doing so you don’t go over the top. Wash hands when necessary and wear protective masks; when going out and in contact with people with the virus. As an extra precaution keep a pocket pack of tissues with you and use if required. Avoid mingling in large crowds and interact when in need.

You may find yourself obsessed to check the death stats but at all costs keep away from reading or watching such news. Instead, listen to songs, ASMR or whatever music helps you relax.

Read funny corona memes:

While corona itself is no laughing matter make sure you get a pill of happiness every other day—laughter is the best medicine. Develop a habit of reading memes about the virus; it will no doubt help you cope with panic attacks.

Don’t take corona as a joke, take the joke as corona.

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Don’t become isolated:

You may want to restrict your activities and stay inside the home to prevent getting infected with the contagious virus. However, at all costs, don’t isolate yourself. Even if the need arises, stay in touch with friends and family through social media. A socially isolated person is the breeding ground for depression, mental health diseases and further development of anxiety.

Educate yourself & others:

The best way to fight illness is to spread awareness about it. Keep yourself busy and away from bad thoughts; by spending time in making online info graphs about the virus and sharing them on social media. When you educate yourself and others, you feel less stressed-out and anxious.

May Allah [S.W.T] keep you and your loved ones in the best of their health and may He give us the courage to battle against this illness (Ameen).

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