And Coronavirus Is Gone, We Are All Hopeful For Tomorrow – Roy Started It

Shehzad Coronavirus

Ever since the news of lifting lockdown came out, everyone is breathing out sighs of relief. At last, it is over. Wait, what is? Coronavirus? No? Then why have we started celebrating the release of lockdown? Maybe Corona is really gone and it is time that we, along with Roy, celebrate the reality.

Teeming with hope and optimism

Indeed, the streets of Karachi reek of purity. Every view in our sight brings life to our dying hope. We have job security, there is no corruption, poverty is washed out, and some have witnessed unicorns dancing on rainbows preceding to heavy snowfall in Karachi. In short, we are all very hopeful and optimistic. Too much?

Well, we are learning from the maestro who helped us see the reality of the situation, our very own: Shehzad Roy.

Earlier today on Instagram, Shehzad Roy writes in the caption to his picture in which he is seen standing in a beautiful location of Karachi, “inshallah our nation will strictly follow the  SOPs and Mashallah Karachi is a very clean city #covid_19 #saathramadan #ramadantogether”

From his selection of hashtags, we detect the note of celebration of spending this Ramadan together as opposed to the protocol devised in the essence of lockdown and social distancing.

I mean, his expressions are certainly in keeping with the words of praise he’s laid out for Karachi, and our nation.

He has honestly expressed hope in the fact that our nation can be counted on as it is very responsible when it comes to taking care of hygiene. Have a look at our history! It speaks for itself.

Well, we are with you, Roy! We share the sentiment and dwell on similar hope. The government’s decision to lift lockdown is going to be extremely fruitful to the nation and reflect well to our collective benefit. Pouring in more Inshallah lest someone jinxes it.

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