Covid-19 In Pakistan Will Leave Many Jobless, Hurt Businesses

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Amid the situation in Pakistan, the Sindh Government has ordered a lockdown viewing the situation. Since Pakistan is a third-world country, God knows what will happen to the locals.

A curfew will be implemented soon!

Today Pakistan became the 4th most affected country by COVID-19. From the beginning, we have feared what will happen to most of our citizens as they reside below the poverty line.

Meaning most of these people earn their wages daily or weekly basis. These are people most affected by the lock-down. However, economical conditions will become worst than ever.

Murad Ali Shah

Source: NewsOne

Countries like Canada and America can afford to support their small-scale businesses, however, Pakistan can’t. Although the Sindh Government has come up with extraordinary measures to cope up with the situation, they still seem scarce.

Nonetheless, after Muhammad Ismail Rahoo pleaded the government to provide people with free electricity and gas; the Governor of Sindh has approved the notion. ‘

Thousands of people are expected to lose their jobs because of the pandemic. Statisticians have made claims that three million Americans will be unemployed by mid of 2020. The same conditions may apply to Pakistan.

The US government has decided to provide $1,000 per family, but can Pakistan take such a step? On the other hand, Pakistan’s government has announced Rs. 20,000 for only those who are affected by the Coronavirus.

Global lockdowns never end in celebration, howsoever, lockdown seems to be the only possible way to control the pandemic. The unemployment rate is expected to drop to 8.1% this year.

Pakistan yet to face the worst of days!

The total number of affected cases has reached 600 in Pakistan, and 266,073 cases globally. 11,000 people have lost their lives due to Coronavirus.

Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has asked the Pakistanis to remain calm and practice social distancing. Besides, he said that these are difficult times and we need to stay united.

All stores will remain closed excluding medical and general stores. As they are of dire necessity to the people.

lockdown coronavirus

Source: Washington Post

The lockdown will result in Pakistan’s export having a drop of $500-$700 million dollars. Which seems more than enough to weaken Pakistan as we highly depend on our export.

We are still looking forward to USAID, as a beacon of hope. However, the amount USAID has promised will not be enough to pamper the entire country.

It is time the well-to-do people of Pakistan took a stand and decided to help the people in need. The only thing profiting from the current situation is the dollar, except for that, the entire world is suffering from debts.

Governor of Sindh, Murad Ali Shah has requested the people to stay home and also said that there is no other probable way.

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