#CornettoPopRock: Smashing The Golden Old Songs Like Coke Studio!

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“Desan da raja meri akhion da tara, Meray khabon ka tu raja mai heer teri meri doli tu lia”

Yess! This is song tempering but no one is going to face trial. Once a girl singing for her brother (Nee Veer Mera Ghorri Charrya, Ghorri Charraya Nee Saiyon Ghorri Charrya) is now singing for herself bluntly and addressing someone special to come with a doli.

This time Cornetto came up again with a colorful song. A duet sung by Komal Rizvi and Qurram Hussain! Another traditional song! We again succeeded in continuing our legacy of destructing our golden old songs at hands of our youth. Yet they tried their utmost to showcase our culture by pouring in the truck-art, students, moderate girls reading Paulo Coelho but a girl in tattered jeans suddenly enters and all the civilization comes to an end.

At a point, I was worried about the passengers as the driver was being distracted by a fashionable ‘Sohni Kuri’. Don’t know how Qurram from some market, traversing typical Karachi streets, comes to bus! Komal Rizvi, as we know her, starts singing candidly and casts a spell on all, activities ceased. People eulogize and few join her. In short they tried to sell their ice-cream while dancing. Yays and nays brushed off, they, all in all, did it well and we are waiting for more to come. And they have got a good combo of Komal and Cornettocupidity

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