A New Web Series Is About To Steal The Heart Of Every Young Pakistani And You Should Be Really Excited!

When summers hit Pakistan, it seems the only thing we’re forward to is how to keep yourself cool. From light-colored clothes to food and snacks that are light on the stomach. Speaking of food, ice cream is something you just can’t say NO to. Indulging in ice cream on a hot summer day is like you’ve conquered the world. And well, Cornetto is capable of much more than just keeping you cool in the summers!!

What else could there be?

Since decades, Cornetto has been a brand that has been talking to teens and young adults about love, and how sometimes, keeping things is the best way to go about it. Let’s just say, it has been the perfect match-maker or cupid ever since it came into being. Not just that but it has proved to be an ice-breaker too! Imagine Cornetto – a conversation starter, mood-changer, making the first move and just letting out your feelings and simply expressing yourself in front of the other!

In other words, it is a brand for hopeless romanticists – you know, mushy and full of love? It is a brand that portrays high-spirited feelings about the chase that occurs before an actual relationship because the peppy, fun and exciting side of love is what every young adult can relate to.

And to keep the love and excitement alive, Cornetto has come up with a web series!

Cornetto known for its match-making skills has partnered with Teeli, a leading content producer, to showcase a story of young love – lived through light-hearted moments. When we talk about TV series,  it’s sad to know how young adults and college-going generation are not being catered to through Pakistani TV series but this time, Cornetto and Teeli are changing the game!

It’s called Summer Love!

So, it’s releasing on chaand raat on Eid ul Fitr 2019. Pakistan’s premiere digital entertainment channel Teeli, in association with Cornetto is about to present their first of its kind digital series!

Let us tell you that ‘Summer Love’ is about to take you on a romantic ride and you guys should get ready for that warm, fuzzy feeling inside while watching this series! The series will feature protagonists Nida Butt, played by Vardah Aziz, and Sami Ansari, played by Hadi bin Arshad, who find each other through an internship at a media house.

Here’s a lil tease for you guys! Stay tuned!

Check out episode 1!!

We love the collab and how beautifully the two brands have merged their ideas into one and how they’ve taken us by surprise with their out-of-the-box concept! We all love drama but perhaps, not what we see on our usual TV screens. And if we talk about Cornetto’s audience, they’re absolutely going to love it because it is all going to be about young love, simple things in life and lovey-dovey vibes!

How excited are you for this web series? Let us know in the comments below!

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