‘Idher Hi Shoot Kar Doonga’ – Cop Threatens Dhabay Wala After Forcibly Getting A Burger For FREE

police abuse of power

Police are never held accountable for what they do, be it organizationally or individually, and it is evident when we see the corrupted cops around us. In a baffling yet not so surprising incident in Karachi recently, a police officer forcibly took a burger from a poor dhabay wala (roadside hotel guy).

During these hard times, amidst the lockdown and pandemic, everybody is struggling to make their ends meet. However, the incident that has come to the fore is an example of how easily the hard work of poor people is dismissed. That too, by none other than our very own police.

Source: Facebook

A social media user took it to Facebook and shared a video of a rude police officer at a dhaba. It shows how he orders a burger and does not even bother to pay. When the dhaba wala asks him to pay, the cop threatens to shoot him on the spot.

Abrupt misuse of power, don’t you think? Well, of course. However, it must be noted that when confronting the cop, the guy in the video can also be heard saying that he does this every other day. More so, it badly affects their earnings. Nonetheless, with no shame or even a hint of guilt, the cop simply rides his bike away.

Here is the sickening video

What kind of behavior is this? Don’t the police make enough to buy themselves some food rather than ‘steal’ it? Can we not be a bit more considerate towards such people who work hard to earn rather than indulge in hideous crimes?

Let all that go down the drain. Sadly, the authority wielded by policemen in uniforms is more than often abused. This might not even be the first such instance. Heck, these men donned in uniforms do not even spare the poor fruit and veggie hawkers.

More so, we often see them sitting at dhabas, drinking tea, or having a meal. Unlike normal people, once done gobbling, they shamelessly head out without even paying the bill in Pakistan, just like this abovementioned cop.

Just last month, the police in Karachi stopped a pizza delivery guy and ate the pizzas that were supposed to be delivered to someone else. Clearly, it is rather the police who need policing.

Not so long ago, the Lahore police made a young boy and his sister do sit-ups on the street after they failed to produce their national identity cards. They think they own everyone and everything and can get away with anything which they pathetically do. What an unjust world we live in. Sigh!

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