This Is Why The Owner Of Lahore’s Famous Fine-Dining Cooco’s Den Wants You To Boycott The Restaurant!

Lahore, a city full of culturally aesthetic places and traditional hangouts, is a food lover’s paradise. From the food street to fine-dining restaurants, the city literally has it all. And the best part is, Lahoris have an appetite to check out and eat at almost every single restaurant.

One of the most famous places to eat in Lahore is also one of the oldest. Yes, we’re talking about Cooco’s Den, an expensive but aesthetic place. Cooco’s Den Lahore was set up in a old traditional house and the street was declared Food Street and well decorated by students of NCA (National College of Arts). When you go to the top floor (5th Floor) you view the Great Badshahi Mosque and the the view of the city.


With a lot of history, Cooco’s Den and Cafe has made a huge name for itself in Lahore’s food business. However, as of recently, all has not been fine for one of the landmark places in the city. Cooco’s Den and Cafe’s owner, Iqbal Hussain, took to his social media accounts and informed the people of the sad news:

“Dear Friends, Cooco’s Den and Cafe has been temporary closed since the spring 2018. After Court’s and Food Authority’s Closure Order, it is illegally possessed by my Nephews. And they are not taking any action towards our customers and we are loosing our clients and reputation.

I am personally requesting you all to boycott Cooco’s Den and Cafe until my another Call. Please Spread my word as much as you can. If something unhealthy happens, I will not be able to take any responsibility.

I am not involved in any illegally active authorization having in Cooco’s Cafe and Den. We have cancelled all our Cooco’s contracts with every company we were working with before (Food and Drinks Companies,


Companies, Restaurants and Hotels, National and International Banks)


and If those companies still wish to continue to work illegally with them, Then I will not be responsible for their any loss and they will face their consequences by legalization authorities. Once I’ll get it back In Sha Allah, I will Reopen it and will invite you all Personally. Please Share my Status. Thank You.”

As tragic as the incident is, it is what happens mostly in the food business. When a proprietorship of a place is transferred to others through hereditary or lawful means, the quality almost never remains the same. Thus, to not ruin the restaurant’s image further, the owner of Cooco’s Den and Cafe wants every Lahori to boycott the restaurant.

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