In Conversation With Pakistani Gaming Rockstar, Saad Nazir (Gamesboiler)

In Conversation With Pakistani Gaming Rockstar, Saad Nazir (Gamesboiler)

Saad AKA GamesBoiler

Parhlo:  Tell us about yourself?
SN: My name is Saad Nazir (student of MBBS) AKA “Gamesboiler” throughout YouTube and other social media. I own a YouTube channel where I usually upload games walkthroughs, gameplays, reviews, etc. Other than YouTube, off course I have Facebook page where I post video games. Sometimes I post daily facts, gaming news and other exclusive stuff regarding games to spread knowledge.

Parhlo: Tell us about your project?
SN: I don’t have a business, I like telling people about my experience with games. I by sharing my reviews on them. I play games myself, experience them, and do a review of them through my videos and also make Gameplays etc for my YouTube and Dailymotion channel daily. I usually look for game facts and summarize them in few lines and post them on Facebook to spread the hidden or surprising game facts which the game lovers don’t yet know.

Parhlo:  What inspired you to take this initiative?
SN: I always had a lot of interest in gaming, but back in 2012 after joining in Hamdard University, I made a website “Xicity” just for fun and started updating it with games, etc. Later added medical stuff, but left working on the website after 2 years, due to studies and some other issues. So, last year in 2014, I noticed some people playing games and uploading their game videos on YouTube etc, that inspired me to do same because as I had keen interest in this field.
I researched and found no one doing something like that here in Pakistan, so I decided to take the initiative. We have entertainers, comedians, artists but we don’t have known gamers other than Saqib Mirza for online “Street Fighter” and Sumail Hassan Syed for “Dota2”. Since I was not so good at online gaming, I did not take it as a profession, however, I started my own channel. I never planned to continue it for this long, but it turned out to be a success, so there was no point leaving it in the middle way.

Parhlo: How are you making a difference in your life and the society in general?
SN: Well, the reason why I am doing this is so that Pakistan can be known in the gaming world to, I want my country to succeed in every way possible in every field.

Parhlo: What do you see yourself in next 5 years?
SN: Well, I have not planned anything other than being a doctor, however, saying that I might peruse a career in the gaming industry too. Being a doctor has always been my dream, a Good Cardiologist is what I see myself as, infact a good gamer and a good cardiologist I’d say.

Parhlo: What would be your ultimate goal for the youth around you? Are they missing out on anything in particular?
SN: The only thing I am aiming for is, to have Pakistanis known for their IT industry too, like gaming etc. Right now, we’re famous for being a country that does not have a piracy policy, I plan to change that. I dream of a day when people will raise their voices against piracy too, with me. That is what I dream for the youth around me, to work together on stabilizing the IT industry and promoting the positive aspect of Pakistan.

Parhlo: What is your advice to other individuals who are trying to achieve a dream like yours?
SN: My advice to the young generation is to make sure that they are doing something for the society and by that I mean against piracy, as it’s the worst thing to happen to any IT industry. Apart from that, I would also suggest them to stay strong and work towards their goals regardless of anything. I would tell them to work hard and stay motivated. As I said before, be real, try avoiding pirated stuff first. Secondly, be yourself and don’t lose hope. Many times you’ll be demotivated, many times your friends will make fun of you, etc., but don’t stop. Don’t get exhausted in start, keep it slow and constant. Last thing is, if you need some help, I will be more than happy to mentor you.

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