Contradictory Reports of Motorway Scuffle Create A Huge Debate Over The Internet, ISPR Promises to Serve Justice

With reports of a scuffle involving army officers and motorway police at the GT Road, KPK Police has registered an FIR against those involved. Also, the ISPR has taken notice and said that justice will be served.

ISPR Statement:

It is being reported that up-to four motorway personnel were roughed up by Army officers after they were issued a ticket. There are further reports that the motorway police officers abused the Army and snatched keys from the personal before the SSG Commandos reacted. Other reports also suggest that the young SSG Officers were manhandled by the police and thus the scuffle happened and then all of them went to the Attock Fort for dispute resolution.

Whatever the case is, it should thoroughly be investigated as no one is above the law. Few bad apples shouldn’t be allowed to damage the army’s repute; an army that has rendered great sacrifices in giving peace to our country. An army that serves the nation in times of disasters, wars, or any other time of need; an army that is guarding Pakistani borders while we celebrate Eid at homes and in peace, should not let these isolated incidents damage its image and make sure justice take its course.

Also, Media persons should play a more responsible role, be balanced and not damage Pakistan’s interests when the country is facing so many existential threats both internally and externally. Pakistan’s army is sore in the eye for many of its enemies and damaging the Army’s image will discourage them and will not be of any help for Pakistan.

Let the investigation take its course and punish those involved.

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