Did The Movie Contagion Predict Coronavirus Outbreak In 2011?

Contagion predicts coronavirus

Ever come across something so unpredictable that it gives you goosebumps? That is what’s happening in the world, especially China, today. The Coronavirus outbreak has left the world shocked, looking for answers, and definitely remedies.

What sorted from Wuhan, China, has now overtaken half of China. Scientists and researchers are calling it an epidemic emergency. The Coronavirus is causing severe troubles and tensions to people who are even mildly related to China or any Chinese.

Contagion predict Coronavirus

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However, there’s a twist in the tale. The internet recently dug up a movie from 2011 called Contagion. So, the question is, did Contagion predict Coronavirus outbreak? That too, in 2011?

The story of the movie is that an unknown virus becomes a global epidemic and the world just cannot cope with it. Starring Matt Damon and Marion Cotillard, the movie then sees over 1 billion people pass away in 3 months. Now, people are digging up the movie and are finding similarities between the recent Coronavirus outbreak and Contagion. In Contagion, the virus just as in real-life spreads from animals.

On Tuesday, Contagion from 2011 entered the top 10 list on iTunes and Google search. People have been watching the movie in great numbers. As of now, there have been 6000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. The interest in the movie rose by a great 89%.

Contagion – very similar to Coronavirus

Over 100 have people have left this world because of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the numbers are not being controlled. As of now, the world has not been able to produce a certain vaccine for the Coronavirus. Moreover, it is very difficult to recognize the symptoms of the illness.

Patients can be seen suffering from normal fever, cold, tough breathing and similar symptoms to flu. Thus, it is very difficult to diagnose the illness. People mistake it for normal flu and end up falling critically ill. Contagion predicting Coronavirus outbreak has become the talk of the world right now.

Cases of Coronavirus are emerging in different countries, in people who say that they have not made any contact with anyone from Wuhan, China at all. Many countries have put forth a Coronavirus warning, including Pakistan.

Another conspiracy theory suggests that the Coronavirus outbreak emerged from a research center in Wuhan and not from the sea-food market.

However, for now, the massive similarities between Contagion and Coronavirus have left the world speechless and more importantly, intimidated.

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