Someone Just Compared Imran Khan with Donald Trump and It Is Kinda Absurd!

The stage is all set – who will we see sit on the throne to run this country? The battlefield is all set; troops are in position, leaders have given their desired addresses – the matter is now in the hands of the locals who will be casting their votes today.

A lot of journalists and news outlets have speculated that PTI’s Imran Khan may finally get the chance he has been fighting for so long. While there is indeed a huge possibility, the opposition and its supporters have left no stone unturned to show how Imran Khan may not be the right person for this job.

One of this includes the comparison between American president Donald Trump with Imran Khan which was seen all over social media.

Someone On Facebook Drew a Comprehensive Comparison Between The Two Politicians and Well, Pakistanis Had Mixed Reviews

Here’s what Kashif N Chaudhry wrote on Facebook:

He said he was leaving behind his luxurious lifestyle to save the country instead.

Mainstream politicians were too corrupt he claimed, and so he was forced to enter politics to bring a revolution in his country.

He was a famous celebrity before turning to politics. Narcissism was a prominent trait.

He was a philanthropist.

He wanted to make his country great and new again.

He was accused of being a playboy and slimy with his finances. He ignored the accusations.

He leaned towards the far right, spew venom on the country’s religious minorities to garner popular support. His religious bigotry was condemned by civil society.

He called leading media outlets of his country “fake news.”

He had no principle. He would make U turns on many of his own statements.

He had no class. He often used slurs when referring to his opposition.

The far right and Neo-Nazi groups readily joined hands with him.

Imran Khan was known as a playboy before he tied the knot and married Jemima Goldsmith. In numerous interviews, Khan has admitted to having a past – something his opponents often used against him. On the other hand, Donald Trump is known as a sexual harasser, with or without marriage.

On the other hand, Imran Khan has slept on the streets, has donating a lot to the poor and has opened cancer hospitals and university as well. On the other hand, Trump has only, prominently, separated families from one another.

While this indeed a flawed comparison on so many levels, for starters being no proof of the things mentioned regarding Imran Khan, maybe Imran Khan will finally gain power the way Trump did.

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