Common Things You Do At Iftaar That Can Cause Death!

1. Drinking “Syrup Based” Drinks On A Daily Basis

– Why: It Contains High Amounts Of Sugar, Additives And Colorants

– Solution: If You Have To, Drink It Twice A Week Maximum


 2. Drinking Large Amounts Of Water At Iftaar Time

– Why: Filling The Stomach With Water Is More Strenuous To It Than With Food

– Solution: Have A Few Sips At Iftaar, Then A Glass After Every Two Hours (13)

3. Exercising Directly After Iftaar

– Why: The Body’s Blood Flow Is Concentrated Around The Stomach At That Time

– Solution: Exercise After Two Hours Of Eating To Ease Digestion


4. Chewing And Swallowing Food Really Fast

– Why: Chewing Food Slowly Can Speed Up Digestion And Help Maintain Your Weight…


5. Having Dessert Directly After Iftaar

– Why: They Make You Drowsy And Sleepy

– Solution: Leave At Least A Two Hour Gap Between Iftaar And Dessert To Stay Fresh And Awake For Prayers


6. Consuming Foods With High Amounts Of Sodium

– Why: Sodium Triggers Thirst Through-Out The Fasting Hours Of The Day

– Solution: Instead, Eat Foods That Are High In Potassium, They Retain Water And Suppress Your Thirst

(Bananas Are High In Potassium. A Banana At Suhoor Time Can Control Your Thirst Level Through-Out The Day)

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Some Additional Facts

Best Sources Of Potassium For Suhoor Time:

– Bananas – Milk – Dates – Avocados – Dried Peaches – Pistachios – Pumpkin – Peas – Dark Chocolate

Worst Choices For Suhoor:

– Biryani – Kebab – Pizza – Fast Food In General -Cheese – Haleem

Best Choices For Suhoor:

– Potato – Rice – Dates – Whole Grain Bread – Banana

So, stay fit and healthy this Ramadan to make the most out of this blessed month.

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