We Bet You Didn’t Know What These English Words Are Called In Urdu

Have you ever come across to a moment with your family or friends when somebody comes up with a common and widely used word in English and asks you for what it is called in Urdu?

It is baffling indeed. You cannot even get over the shame of not knowing your National language Urdu properly, let alone searching the word.

Our Urdu language has contested our knowledge in school and colleges with vocabulary that throws your sense out of the pool. Remember the look of your Urdu teacher when he/she realizes you cannot crack your memory down to find that word even when you were taught repeatedly?

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

It’s no shame, we all have been there.

Today we managed to dig some English words that not many of you may know what they are called in Urdu.
Let’s find out:

1. Ranting

We all like to do this.


2. Editor

Did we just call out a co-worker you so hate?


3. Throne

Have you watched Game of راج گدی ?


4. Sexy

Bet you are…


5. Balcony

Bet you didn’t know this one…


6. Blood pressure

If you come across to an Urdu-medium hospital and a doctor mentions this term, don’t worry, we just got you covered for that moment.


7. Basement

Love Nescafe تہ خانا ?


8. Belt
Pehen lia karo guys, utar jaye gi warna…


9. Headline

All our news channels show headlines every hour, but they don’t use the word you were looking for.


10. Swimming pool

There you go. If you had been in search of translation of this particular word, you may have gotten mad. It is as rare as anything. You probably required traveling back in time to the notable Urdu poets who probably would know the term.


Were you able to answer some of it? If you did, then we are proud of you.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Get your friends and family engaged. Find out how much do they know Urdu vocabulary? You could also brag your memory by answering some of it.

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