7 Common Concerns Of A University Student

7 Common Concerns Of A University Student

University can be best described as a land mine. You got to carefully map your way across, making sure you, along with your dreams and hopes and the future, don’t blow up into pieces.

Here’s why;

1. That one course that has nothing to do with your degree and makes no sense to you

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2. Making sure your teachers are pleased with you at all times

So everytime they crack a very lame joke, you’re just like:

fake laugh

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3. Waking up for the morning class

And then staying awake throughout the lecture. Dear teachers and admin, waking up at 7 am isn’t as easy as it was 5 to 7 years earlier. We have phones, laptops, work, shows and relationships to take care of.

8 am

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4. Managing our attendance


Yep. Every single time.

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5. Managing our finances

We find we’re broke even if we have a source of income. How that happens, is a mystery we’ll probably never solve. And IF there is no source of income..


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6. Understanding that your opinions are not welcome by the teacher

Your task is to say yes, and regurgitate all they teach you in the exam. Get used to the fact that your opinion doesn’t matter, and do not, by any chance, disagree with what he has to say, or your GPA suffers.

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7. Keeping that GPA afloat.

Can’t even..


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8. Those term papers!

The end of the semester is nothing short of a nightmare. 4000 word term papers with proper referencing and a low plagiarism count.

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 These concerns haunt us for four straight years with no respite. If we’re not careful enough, we may even find our summer and winter breaks sacrificed too!

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