WATCH: Khar Assist. Commissioner Beating Pakora Vendor Against Laws

Khar AC Pakora vendor


People on Twitter have been aggressively criticizing Khar’s Assistant Commissioner Fazal-ur-Rehman for shamelessly beating up a pakora vendor for not observing lockdown.

Footage of the AC beating the pakora vendor

Twitterati’s take on the incident

There is a video on Twitter, of him beating up the poor vendor, clearly shown. This video has been circulating on social media which is from the initial days of the lockdown when the policies were incredibly strict. The question comes to the authorities before it comes to innocent people.

What should these vendors, daily wagers do if not sell their goods to make every day living? It is one thing to oppose their concerns, but another to brutally react to them in response.

There has been an uproar on Twitter. People are extremely angered by the incident. They are vehemently condemning the act, highlighting the government official’s unquestionable power.

One is explaining the incident saying, “This is a month’s old video. I am a witness to this incident. The Pakora wala continued to oppose the lockdown due to which the AC had to take action on. Later, AC went to his home and apologized. But some Qabza mafia is creating a conspiracy against AC.”

And then there are those, “Sheer brutality & this has been a routine thing in our country where poor vendors are treated like this by these bureaucrats.I have seen so many such incidents in b.bazar and H.abad by the police as well. One can except such act frm an illiterate SHO but not frm AC.”

AC’s Apology to the Vendor

Rumour has it that on Twitter, the assistant commissionar also apologised to the vendor, saying that he was shameful for what he did. This obviously happened when a lot of people ridiculed the AC for committing such a heinous act. People wanted him to be gone.

While there are some government officials bringing pride to our land, some are engaged in shameless activities that are difficult to describe.

As long as people condemn the wrongdoer, our faith in humanity is safe but then there are apologizers of the incident that have completely lost the better perspective to see how wrong beating up a poor man is in public.

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