Social Media Wonders Who’s The Mystery Guy Who Didn’t Say A Word!

colonel wife

People have expressed serious concerns over the viral colonel’s wife incident. They are demanding strict action against the woman for misusing the status. However, did you noticed something interesting in that whole incident?

Apart from the woman and police officers, there was one more mystery guy in the video who just played the role of a dumb spectator in the whole scene. That guy was driving the car, the woman came out of but now social media wonders how he was related to that colonel’s wife.

The guy remained silent throughout the scene and people wonder if he is a driver or any of her relatives? But why he remained quiet during the incident. Many are also trolling him for acting like a dumb spectator. With his appearance many say he was not the driver.

Social media users are making different comments and analysis of the incident. However, we still don’t know who he was. Meanwhile, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Qamar Javed Bajwa has also taken notice of the incidence and called for an inquiry.


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