After ‘Karnal Ki Biwi’, Video Of An Alleged Karnal Sahab Goes Viral

colonel ki biwi

After the episode going viral on social media, where a woman claiming to be the wife of a colonel (karnal in Urdu) misbehaved with police authorities, we have now found an alleged karnal Sahab. The incident happened at a Hazara Motorway check post.

In a somewhat similar incident, the man claiming to be a karnal is seen in the viral video misbehaving with the police officials. However, they didn’t seem to get bothered by his attitude. #ColonelKiBiwi has become a top trend on social media since then.

Well, we aren’t sure if it’s an old video that might have resurfaced again. However, in the video, the alleged karnal is trying to overpower the traffic police when they tried to stop him. He also threatened them with his status and power. But, the police took their stand for what’s right.

People are also praising the police officers for their brave stand against the alleged karnal who broke the law.

لو جی کرنل صاحب بھی حاضر ہیں…

Gepostet von Qasim Zia Official am Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2020

No! he is not his husband

Moreover, some people are also claiming that this man is the colonel whose wife misbehaved with the authorities. But, there is no such confirmation about the same. These two are apparently different incidence in a similar context may be.

However, on the other hand, Chief of Army Staff, Qamar Javed Bajwa has taken notice of the ‘Karnal Ki Biwi’ incident. The woman misbehaved with on-duty police officers, claiming that she was above the law. The COAS has taken disciplinary action against the karnal whose family tried to misuse their status.

We are proud of our soldiers who are protecting our beloved country. But some people are hellbent on giving them a bad name.


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