Brace Yourselves Karachiites, The Coldest Weather Of Your Life Is Here!

cold wave in karachi

After decades, Karachi is finally seeing the coldest era of its times. Even though rain and drizzle has taken over the city, the blizzard will move out of the city soon.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Karachi is to see the coldest wave it has in years. The cold weather begins from today (Monday) and will continue to in all its glory till the 18th of January.

Brace Yourselves Karachiites, The Coldest Weather Of Your Life Is Here!

In addition, for the first time, the temperature will drop down to 3 degrees celsius. This has been confirmed by the weather department.

One of the city’s reigning joke talks about how Karachiites always take out jackets and hoodies in winters, but they do it for the sake of fashion and not cold. However, this time, Karachiites can feel the chill in their bones.

It is learned that the cold spell of winds is coming from Quetta, which saw snowfall in the city for two days. The temperature there dropped down to as low as -13 degrees celsius.



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Other places which will feel the cold weather include Islamabad, Lahore, and South Punjab. These places will see a lot of rainfall as well, with the temperature dropping down to as low as 2 degrees celsius.

These places usually go through this cold weather but for Karachi it is absolutely unprecedented. People have been talking about how this cold has made them ‘weak’ and they have started to catch it as well.

Many cases of flu and cold related illnesses have been reported. Even though people are complaining, many are having the time of their lives.

People in Karachi have been praying for a weather like this for years, and finally, they are getting what they wanted.

It is said to drop down real low..


This is hilarious!

Moreover, a lot of rain is expected in KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir. Snowfall will also take place in high altitude areas in all three places.

Balochistan is also seeing the coldest spell of weather. Snowfall in Quetta City, Ziarat, Kan Mehterzai, Chaman and other adjacent areas has made the province lush white. However, the influx of the snow has caused problems for travellers and tourists as rescue missions by the District Administration continue.

Rain is expected in areas of Sindh such as Mithi and Tharparkar.

As for Karachiites, the weather might be something that haven’t dealt with before but surely will welcome with arms wide open.

So Karachiites, take out your warm clothes and be ready, because the cold-game is going to the next level!

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